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School Holiday Program

We are currently taking enrolments for school age children. Prep to year 4.

To obtain further information
call us on 9191 9580 to reserve a spot.

Some families may be eligible for Childcare Subsidy


Young children are brilliant humans

Nurturing Curious Minds

Come see the learning, and feel the love, inside our Early Learning Community.

Spare some time to come in and share your talent with the children or alternatively book a tour by calling (03)91919580 or email

Let’s watch, talk and listen with your child during these important early years.

Our work at Broadmeadows Early Learning Centre is to nurture their naturally curious minds and kind hearts, while keeping them safe as they play.

Playing is the complex work of childhood,and the care we provide (and advocate for) both guides and honours the learning that play offers. As loving early years professionals we also recognize and respect the unique interests of your child.

We don’t rush children through this time. Everything they do – from what they learn, to the relationships they build and the challenges they navigate lays a foundation for their future. We are here to help them, and you, through these years, and believe that the care your family receives at Broadmeadows Early Learning Centre will span a lifetime.

The Victorian Government is funding 3 and 4 yr old Kinder Program at our service to provide the children in our care with the opportunity for a best chance and start to life. In addition to 4 yr old funded program, the Early Start Kinder Program, gives eligible children 15hrs of free or low cost Kindergarten a week for 2 years before starting school.

✪ NEW  Educational Incursions

A Fun, interactive and enriching fitness program

By engaging ‘little sports heroes’ program, we are able to allow for opportunities for actively healthy children in a fun and enjoyable way.

The program is delivered by 2 experienced coaches for a 45min session each week. The program aligns with the early years learning framework which aims to provide and enhance childrens, sense of physical, social and emotional wellbeing.

Every Monday @ 10am

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