• Melissa Mecuri kindergarten Teacher (Bachelor of Education/kinder

    Melissa has many years experience and knowledge in delivering a quality Kindergarten Program. Her focus is to ensure the children that are heading to formal schooling in the following of kinder are well equipped and prepared mentally and socially.

  • Sayde Boufarraa Support (Diploma in Education & Care)

    Sayde’s role to support the room leader in implementing a quality program while supporting the daily needs of all children in her care.

  • Amel Ayache Educator: (Diploma in Education and Care)

    Amel is the room Leader of the toddlers room, her job is to ensure all childrens needs are met while managing a team and  working cooperatively with the families, and management.

  • Shubhra Kapoor Educator: (Diploma in Education and Care)

    Shubhra assists the room leader and other staff to educate and care for the children in her care and meeting their individual needs. 

  • Melanie Velasco Diploma Qualified Educator

    Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in (Early Childhood Education) from the Philippines, however since moving to Australia I continued to follow my passion in Early Childhood bringing with me a total of 8 years professional experience now working as a qualified Diploma Trained Educator

  • Montanna Talia Trainee Educator